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Motorized Shades for Automatic Shade Control

Remote-controlled shades have been growing in popularity and gaining in recognition because of the exceptional convenience of automatic shade control.  Automatic shades use electric motors to roll window shades up or down. Contrary to what people might expect, shade control motors use very little power, with minimal energy consumption.  Lutron shade control and other commercial motorized shades, such as Creston and MechoSystems shades are also long-lasting and reliable, able to handle thousands of revolutions and rotations.

Conference and Training Rooms

For high-end, high-tech conference rooms, meeting rooms, training rooms and presentation rooms, controlling the amount of ambient light in the room is very important for optimal visibility of video displays, whether flat panel LED, LCD or projectors.  Lighting control is also very important for visibility and picture quality for video conferencing.  Sunlight can disrupt the camera’s ability to capture a good image, and it can make viewing a conference difficult as glare may overcome the brightness on many display screens and monitors. Lutron shade control, Crestron, MechoSystems and other shade control brands all do a superlative job of controlling presentation room lighting.

For companies to spend significant money on conference room or training room design and on high-quality audio visual equipment and technology, but fail to take window coverings and shade control into account is a mistake, albeit a common one.

To have to dash around mid-presentation to adjust window shades because of glare or visibility problems undermines the impression that the presentation or conference is attempting to make, not to mention distracting the instructor, presenter and/or prospect or client.  Contrast this scenario with Crestron, Mecho or Lutron shade control systems that enable shade adjustment with just the touch of a button on a remote control, and you begin to understand the role that automatic shades can play in a state-of-the-art conference room or training room.  Controlling the light also helps the presenter control attention and focus, as well as create and control mood and energy in the room.

Other Applications for Motorized Shades

Automatic shades are very useful in large buildings with numerous windows. In small buildings, shops, restaurants, classrooms, meeting rooms or offices, manually raising or lowering a few shades is easy, but when you multiply that task for hundreds of windows, motorized shades become a significant time saver and improvement in efficiency. What would otherwise take a fair amount of time can be accomplished remotely in a couple of seconds with just the press of a button using Lutron shade control, Crestron shade control systems  or MechoSystems motorized shades.  Automatic shade control systems are also ideal for high windows that are hard to reach.

Energy Savings

In buildings with significant solar gain from west facing or south facing windows, automatic shades not only make it easy to adjust the amount of heat and light coming in, but many motorized shades  are programmable and can be set  to close during the hottest hours of the sun, resulting in increased comfort and  significant energy savings.

Interior Preservation

Furniture and carpets are damaged and faded by strong sunlight, but motorized shades from Lutron shade control or other leading brands such as Crestron and MechoSystems can alleviate this problem at the touch of a button.


Programmable automatic shades are big advantage when it comes to security. Whereas building occupants or employees may not take the time to manually close all the shades in a facility, when it’s a simple matter of pushing one button for all the window coverings in the area, the shades will more likely get drawn at the end of the day.  Motorized shade control systems can also be programmed to open or close at certain intervals; this creates a theft deterrent by creating the impression that the building is occupied.

Programmable, motorized automatic shades are available in a variety of styles, designs and colors to complement any room or building. EZtek AudioVisual designs and installs top automatic, programmable and motorized shades, including those from Crestron, Mecho and Lutron shade control systems.

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