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Remote control lighting systems are a way to control any and all lights throughout a building.  At the touch of a button, commercial lighting control automation enables you to turn lights on or off, and set scenes from anywhere in the building. There are many applications of commercial lighting control systems, including large meeting and conference rooms; training rooms; bars, restaurants and nightclubs; hotels; spas, and more.

Customized Remote Control Lighting Systems For Restaurants

One of the biggest benefits of lighting control systems is their programmability. Clients can design exactly how they want the lighting to behave based on time of day, motion, security, mood, and other factors. Bar, restaurant and club managers can program a lighting system for a relaxing ambience, an intimate or romantic atmosphere, or a more festive, high energy, party mood. EZtek AudioVisual designs, engineers and installs commercial lighting control systems that are completely customizable, for time of day, the day of the week, and lighting levels, so a restaurant’s lighting would automatically dim at a certain hour each day; and individual areas — such as the bar, the lounge, larger dining rooms, smaller rooms — can be separately programmed.

Lighting Automation for Meeting Rooms

Remote control lighting systems for conference rooms, meeting rooms, board rooms or training rooms enable presenters to set a scene for a presentation and control attention, focus, concentration, mood, and atmosphere as well as enhance visibility of video screens, as lighting levels in the room markedly impact video quality.

Commercial Lighting Control for the Hospitality Industry

Rather than running around to adjust light levels in multiple areas of the hotel, lighting automation allows the hotel manager to program lighting shifts by area,  at all times, throughout the day and night.  Lobby, lounge, restaurant, pool, and spa area lights can all be programmed to adjust automatically.

Cost Savings of Lighting Automation

Commercial lighting control systems increase energy efficiency. Offices, classrooms, retail stores and other commercial spaces can have their automated lighting system programmed to turn off at closing times and turn on before opening, which can result in significant utility cost savings.

Scalable Lighting Control Systems

Programmable lighting automation can be rather simple or can provide complex lighting and scene control options.  Remote control lighting systems enable the user to set and change scene programs without the need for a programmer or installer.  Some commercial lighting control systems even have software that can be updated remotely, with many new high-tech features and benefits. EZtek AudioVisual is a full-service audio video and automation system design, engineering, installation and service company. If you are interested in commercial lighting control systems or remote controlled lighting for a commercial  application, please call us to learn more about the available options  888.MY.EZTEK  Also ask us about Building Automation systems.




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