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Digital Signage SolutionsNothing grabs a customer’s attention like a dynamic digital sign. With years of experience designing and engineering digital display signs and touch screen digital signage, EZtek AudioVisual knows exactly how to help businesses get the most out of their digital display signs and leverage their digital signage advertising for maximum effect and return.


How Do Digital Display Signs Work?

EZtek AudioVisual will bring your locations to life with interactive videos and images presented according to the schedule and priorities of your business. With leading-edge interactive display solutions, you can personally program messages with custom information and promotions that meet your business’ specific needs. Today’s interactive kiosk sign technologies enable you to create professional looking, colorful, animated messages, and easily upload content using the intuitive user interface.

Our experienced system designers can recommend the optimum content, design, size and placement for touch screen digital signage, interactive display solutions or interactive kiosk digital signs.  We also design, engineer and install the control systems for the digital signs with ease of use in mind.


Why Choose Digital Signage or Interactive Display Solutions?

Whether your pricing changes with daily specials or with the seasons, or your entire product line evolves over time, your digital display signs or interactive display solutions will be able to adapt to any changes. Print signs can be wasteful and can’t keep up with constant fluctuations. With EZtek AudioVisual’s touch screen digital signage and other digital display sign solutions, your messaging will be dynamic and will be able to be changed instantly through our easy-to-use interface. Equally important is the impression that interactive display solutions and digital signage advertising creates. Digital signs communicate to clients, customers, patrons and all your business contacts that you are on the leading edge of technology and business innovations, and up-to-date on the latest business and creative solutions. 


Applications For Digital Signage Advertising, Interactive Display Solutions and Interactive Kiosks

Whether you are a small business looking to communicate with customers, a big hotel with multiple messages that change daily, or a large business needing to streamline internal communications, digital display signs are the elegant solutions. Placing a digital sign in your lobby or by your entrance or welcome area to show customers information about the company, special offerings, the day’s events or other relevant information, can significantly improve the customer experience Using a dynamic sign as a menu or pricing board is a “green” and efficient way to provide customers with the latest deals and promotions. Internal, employee-facing digital signage guarantees that employees will know what’s going on in the company — and company culture studies prove that internal communications are a big factor in employee engagement and satisfaction. Any industry can benefit from the advantages of digital display signs and interactive display solutions, but the most common uses tend to be in these industries:

  • Restaurants/Bars/Clubs
  • Hospitality
  • Education
  • Government
  • Retail
  • Worship


EZtek AudioVisual works with its clientele to create digital signage advertising and communication solutions that fits the specific needs and image of each individual business. We design, engineer and deliver state-of-the-art touch screen digital signage and interactive display solutions that will captivate and entertain your customers while growing your bottom line. Call us today to learn more about flat panel and interactive kiosk digital signs.  888.MY.EZTEK


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