BiometricsIf you have areas that need to be secured with authorized access control, a fingerprint reader, swipe card, or keypad access system is something to consider. Door access control systems can all operate doors, gates, barriers and turnstiles. EZtek AV supplies and installs all types of door access control systems that give you total protection for your staff, your property or your assets.


Door access control systems verify identity and allow entry but can be used for other reasons; to gain access to products or track arrival or departing times. Access control systems can allow staff into permitted areas and prevent them from entering off limits areas. Whether you have a staff of 3 or 3,000, all door access control systems that EZtek AV installs are easily managed. Fingerprint readers, swipe cards, or keypad access systems can be used on one main door or for every door in one or more locations or buildings.


These access control systems can even track a worker from the time they reach the entrance to the time they leave the property. Work sheets or punch clock cards can be eliminated along with employee padded time sheets. Access software is also compatible with payroll software. Contact a EZtek representative today for more information regarding fingerprint readers, swipe cards, or keypad access systems.

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