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Background audio systems provide music to create atmosphere in hotels, retail stores, health clubs or other settings where background or ambient music is desired. Background audio can also be used with paging systems to provide music between messages for smoother paging transitions.

Foreground and Background Audio

Any setting that requires soft background music — with or without the ability to page – is an example of a background audio system. In contrast, nightclubs, performance venues, and high-energy restaurants need the ability to turn up the volume, and thus require a foreground system. Background music provides ambience and atmosphere and is restricted to providing low volume levels. A foreground system has the ability to provide louder volumes and is required when the music is intended for active listening.

Some facilities require both soft and loud volumes. For example, health clubs commonly require loud background music in the treadmill area, and quiet ambient music in the yoga room; they might also want promotional audio looping in the reception area. It is common for this kind of facility to also require the ability to page members, staff and trainers throughout the gym. This is an example of a need for a combination of the two types of systems.


Background music or background audio can be used in a number of applications. Some examples are retail stores, where research shows that music has a positive economic effect as shoppers spend more time and buy more with certain kinds of music playing in the background. Restaurants also use music to create atmosphere. Malls, department stores, office buildings, supermarkets and doctor’s offices are common places to hear background music. Health spas use music to create a relaxing ambience.  Background music can create different effects: energizing, soothing, relaxing – and can be used to foster different impressions, from sophisticated and elegant to upbeat, cool, hip, young, fresh.

Music Sources

Sources of music for background audio systems can vary from DMX music, internet radio, to off-air radio.  In almost all cases if you are using background music in a for-profit business, you will probably need a “Performing Rights License”.

Background Audio Design, Engineering, Installation and Service

If you are considering a background audio system for your facility – whether for a single location or multiple locations – EZtek AudioVisual can design, engineer and install a state-of-the-art background music system for your unique needs.  Call us today for a free phone consultation. 888.MY.EZTEK

Along with your audio system, you may want to also explore video options and/or digital and interactive signage. Whatever your audio visual needs may be, EZtek AudioVisual keeps its Clientele on the cutting edge of AV systems and technologies.


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